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Why it is important to scan your tenant before moving into your property? Renting your property or a single room is not a simple matter as most of people are thinking. One wrong tenant can cause a big problem for you.
Here we are going to explain to you why it is super important to search/scan your tenant before renting your property.

At the beginning I will exlplain the most common cases if the tenant is a bad one:

  • Not paying the rent and doesn't want to leave.
  • 2- Damaging your property.

You can not judge your tenant based on his appearence or personality or anything but knowing some information from some people who dealed with him or rented their property to him before. Without getting any information about your tenant you are risking losing money or wasting a lot of time at the court. You can search your tenant on our database by visiting: https://www.reviewlist.com.au for free, or search the government database (not a free service) which record the ultimate cases only which are the ones who went to the court. Dealing with bad tenants is not simple but you need to learn your rights and the law of your state regarding the leasing before renting your property. Even some agents don't know the exact law of leasing in their state as it keeps chaning with time.

If you are renting your property by yourself without any problems, consider yourself a lucky person. You need to learn about what tenants can do if you didn't follow the law. As we mentioned the pervious two issue are the most common things that the tenants can do if they are bad ones.
In the next post, I will explain what to do if the tenant refused to pay the rent or leaving the house.