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Not so many people know how to legally protect themselves during the renting of their property. What does it mean by protect yourself ? we simply mean, is to make sure that you are acting legally towards your tenants. One simple mistake, some tenants can use it against you if things went wrong during the lease period. Here are the things that you need to do:

  • Signing RTA contract within the first 40 days after the tenant is moved in to your property or sign the RTA before that
  • You have to determine the payment method, and the proof of payement is a receipt that is will be sent to the tenant every time he pays you the rent

  • The tenant has to provide his E-mail and mobile number to you and a copy of the RTA contract has to be sent through email along with a confirmation message to his mobile
  • You have to send a copy of a receipt that you recieved your rent and your bond and that copy has to be sent every fortynight/monthly based on if the tenant pay the rent every fortnight or monthly
  • This receipt will act as a proof that you received your rent and the tenant paid his rent. As later the tenant can say he paid you in cash and you have no proof against that if you don't give a reciept every time he pays you the rent

  • You have to inspect your property every month with a notice to the tenant about the inspection time sent to his email along with a confirmation message to his mobile
  • The bond must be lodged to RTA directly after the tenant paid the bond
  • In case of you didn't like the way the tenant live in your propert, you have to send him a notice of remeedy breach to his email address and give him two weeks to fix that breach if he didn't fix that breach you can issue hime a notice of leave with a reason and the date of issuing the remeedy breach notice
  • In case of any damages happened during the lease period, you have to send a notice of that damage to the tenant in case the tenant didn't inform you about that damage and you discovered it during your monthly inspection

If you had any bad or good experience with any tenant or agents please write about it by visiting: https://www.reviewlist.com.au our service is 100% free. We tried to summarize the most important acts that you need to take into consideration when renting your property. Hope it helps.